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Next Jump by SkillSmith offers you a personalized experience that boosts your job-readiness and unlocks new job opportunities.

  • 59%  Boost in Skill Adoption
  • 5x  More Job Opportunities
  • 67%  Increase in Hiring
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Tiered Rewards Structure

Fast-track your progress with a tiered rewards structure that motivates you to take free assessments, assimilate content, obtain in-demand certifications, and apply your learnings in interviews and real-life scenarios.

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Engagement Equals Loyalty
Incentives and Gamification

Smart Gamification Tools

AI-powered platform & Machine Learning identifies skill gaps. Our platform creates an enriched learning environment with dynamic leaderboards, badges, and contests, that develop friendly competition and engage job aspirants like you in the pursuit of achieving the next goal.

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Rewards for Upskilling

Our system auto-triggers credits for exhibiting desirable behavior, such as completing modules, unlocking badges, obtaining certifications, and more.

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Insights and Analytics

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