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Upskill, reskill, & get certified for a career of your choice. Thousands of individuals have already landed their ideal careers using SkillSmith.

  • 4X  chances of landing interviews
  • 97%   match with an ideal career after being certified
  • 99%   increase in taking initiative for your career journey
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Why Get Certified

Those that get a certification on SkillSmith have 4x chances of landing interviews along with being prepared and having the skills to create success at their future job.

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Free Personalized Assessments

Easily evaluate your skills and identify gaps. Our platform has 100s of skill assessments that offer you an idea how well-matched you are to current organizational requirements.

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Career-Boosting Certifications

Earn certifications tailored to today’s changing talent demands. Get job-ready for in-demand careers and fast-track your hunt for a position in a high-growth organization.

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Try the platform now, onboard your employee teams, and see positive results in a matter of days.

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